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Wow!Treats is an exclusive membership club which provides Best Treats at participting business thooughout the year!

1. Get FLAT 50% Off or Buy 1 GET 1 Free at leading Business

2. Enjoy extended happy hours or similar wow deals

3. Valid for full one trip round the sun.

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Get you Wow!Treats card online and get it delivered at your doorstep


Visit Participating business after checking deals & offer on the Wow!mio app


When ordering present your Wow!Treats Card & Valid Id Proof


Enjoy the Experience


What's special about Wow!Treats Card membership?

Wow!Treats membership gives you either 50% off or buy 1 get 1 free deals or even better offers at particiapting businesses across categories. Your offer/discount can be on any services/products as mentioned in Wow!Treats section of the participating business and the days they accept Wow!Treats Card.

Will the offers be always Flat 50% off or 'Buy One get One free' everywhere?

Wow!Treats aims at providing totally the BEST Offer which can be availed from a business. When you are Wow!Treats cardholder let us assure you that offers will always be jawdropping! So, 50% Off or BOGO offers are the least which you can expect. Not only that, in many places the offer may also include extended happy hours with your Wow!Treats Card membership. We request you to always check the Wow!Treats section of the participating business. We are always striving to make you feel Wow! with as better treats as possible.

Does the discount apply to the full bill?

The discount only applies to the specific items you have ordered as a Wow!Treats Card member. For E.g., If you go as a group but only you hold a valid Wow!Treats Card membership, the discount will only apply to your order and not the full bill. This is why it is a great idea for everyone in the group to be a Wow!Treats Card member! Please check the respective business page for finding out exactly what offer is available for Wow!Treats Card members.

Can I use Wow!Treats Card in a group?

Yes, each Wow!Treats Card member in the group can apply their discount to their own order. If there is only one Wow!Treats Card member, the discount or offer will apply only to their order and not on that of non-Wow!Treats Card members in the group.

What do I do if the attendant at a participating business does not accept my Wow!Treats Card?

We are totally dedicated to the experience which is denoted by Wow!Treats. So, such situations should never arise.

If in any case such situation arises, then kindly ask for the manager who will be able to sort out the situation. Also, please shoot us a mail at treats@wowmio.com and we will deal with the business concerned.

What is the validity of my Wow!Treats Card membership?

Your Wow!Treats Card membership is valid for full 1 year! You can choose to renew your membership at the end of one year to continue being a member of this club.

How many times can I use the Wow!Treats Card in a year?

As long as you are a member, you can use the card ANY number of times throughout the year! After all, treats can come up any day any time!

How do I renew my Wow!Treats Card membership?

You can renew your Wow!Treats Card membership anytime by buying the membership again on the website/app.

How do I renew my Wow!Treats Card membership?

No. There is no minimum order before you can avail your discount.



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